Frequently Asked Questions

How soon your nonprofit will get grant funding using our grant services depends on many factors and can take anywhere from 1 month to a year. Check out Nonprofit Grant Writing – 3 Key Ingredients from the Growing Your Good Work Blog find out what you need to start writing grants. Schedule free 30-minute coaching session with us below to learn how we can help you get started.

Our Planning & Coaching Services can either provide advice on organizational planning on a recurring basis through meetings and phone calls, or we can have a direct role in facilitating a strategic planning process and writing the plan. Either way, we will set your organization on a path to success! Learn more from the Growing Your Good Work blog post on the importance of organizational planning to your nonprofit’s sustainability. 

Nonprofits need to reach those whom they serve, and, like for-profit businesses, they need revenue to exist. Unlike businesses, these two groups are often not the same in the nonprofit sector. How to reach these groups is the basis of a nonprofit marketing plan. Our marketing plan development services help you figure out who your target donor is, how to reach your them, and options to create “earned income” opportunities that will support your programs and services long term.

We tailor our services to each individual organization’s needs. If your organization already has a strategic and business plan, but needs a marketing strategy, we will work with you on that. If you need recurring tasks, such as social media or email list management, we can do that. If you want to start a grant program, or just have your current grants managed for compliance, we will work with you. More than one service is usually needed to effectively reach your goal with us, but we are flexible.

Because each nonprofit’s needs from us vary, our rates vary based on what package we put together after the initial consultation and information session. Ongoing services, such as grant research and tracking or online content creation, are an hourly rate up to a maximum number of hours each month. Other services are one-time flat fee project or package rates. Schedule your free 30-minutes consultation to see how our services meet your needs without breaking your budget. 

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