Tools for Long Term Growth

What you need to set your goals and implement your plan

Strategic Planning

A Roadmap to Grow and Sustain Your Impact

Full Strategic Planning

Planning process that delivers a written strategic plan, complete with timeline and budget, for the next one to three years. 

Strategic Planning Facilitation

For nonprofits with the staff to write the strategic plan but need facilitation and accountability to complete the process.

Strategic Planning Retreats

Lead a one- or two-day Strategic Planning Retreat to review and update or review your current strategic plan.

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Support Services

Hands-on Help with Your Impact and Giving

We offer a variety of hands-on support so you can have impact without the stress:
  • Grant Services
    • Ongoing services, including research, applying for small grants and management of awarded grants
    • Preparing full grant applicationsĀ 
    • Grant readiness assessment and preparation
  • Accounting/Bookkeeping
    • Account Setup (QuickBooks)
    • General Bookkeeping
    • Reporting
  • Other Services
    • CRM/Email marketing and data management
    • Website design and maintenanceĀ 
    • Disaster Preparedness Plans
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