You know nonprofit work is more than doing great things...

but you are focused on or overwhelmed by doing them. You need guidance & hands-on help.
You want your organization to reach its full potential.

Great storytelling drives connection and understanding. It is the centerpiece of community and belonging. At their core, nonprofits organizations are about all of those things. 
We help you prepare, share and fund your story. 
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About Brenda

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I started GrowingYourGoodWork to help nonprofits like yours create compelling, authentic stories to share with funders, granters, and community supporters so that you can grow your good work. 

I have 15+ years working for and with nonprofits of various sizes from front line to Board member, providing me with an intimate knowledge of the pain points and needs at all levels of new and growing nonprofits. Learn more about me on LinkedIn

All team members have worked a minimum of 5 years in various capacities in the nonprofit sector to ensure you get the best results. I will put my and my team’s experience and expertise to work for your organization so it will reach its full potential!

Our Services

Craft Your Story

Coaching & Planning

Create your road map to long-term success with our guidance or hands-on assistance! 

We help nonprofits with business, strategic and operational planning that create continual measures of success. Ongoing coaching ensures a sustainable level of community service and support.

Share Your Story

Content Creation & Distribution

We work with you to develop content, create a marketing plan to reach your target audience and set up systems to ensure regular engagement with your donors and community supporters. 

Put your thoughts and actions into words and get them to the people that can help you the most! 

Support Your Story

Grant Services

Get funding to grow or improve your community service! 

Our grant research, writing, and administration services allow nonprofit Boards, staff, and volunteers to focus on mission related activities & donor relationship building. Put our long track record of successful grant services to the task of filling funding gaps.

Get everything you need to start or grow your nonprofit

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