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Brenda has developed these guiding principles while working the last 20 years in senior management positions in business, government, and nonprofits. She now uses them to help small business owners realize their vision and grow their profits.


In her first year in business, Brenda joined a mastermind group with other small business owners to share the journey with likeminded folk. As the group shared their end-of-year business summaries, Brenda noticed that while most had good revenue, they struggled with making sustainable profit margins.


She realized that many business owners either don’t prioritize dealing with their finances, or they use every puke emoji there is in response to anything related to spreadsheets and numbers. Knowing that finances are where businesses really start (and can ultimately end), Brenda developed her free Profit Tracker to give business owners an easy way to forecast finances, track revenue and expenses, and grow their profit margin.


Building on her success helping nonprofits with financial and grant management and developing growth strategies, Brenda helps small business owners who are great at selling themselves and their business but not great at fully embracing and understanding their budgets, how to adjust cash flow, and how to forecast.


Brenda’s experience with and love of business strategizing, financial forecasting, and budget tracking will give you clarity in your business. You know you’ll have someone keeping an eye on the profit prize, allowing you to focus on what you do best and love the most!


Brenda lives in St. Augustine, Florida with her family, including two cats. She loves walks in the woods, gardening and reading historical fiction. 


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Download The Profit Tracker...It's so simple, anyone can use it to grow their bottom line!

The Profit Tracker shows you how to:

  • Forecast and track your revenue and expenses
  • Plan your operations and spending months in advance
  • Quickly assess what delivers the highest ROI
  • Grow your profit margin so you can sustainably invest in your business
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