The tools You Need
to Grow Your Nonprofit

so you can focus on doing great things

Nonprofit work is more than doing great things. It is telling the story of your work. 
Our services help you create compelling, authentic stories to share with funders, grantors, and community supporters.

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Craft Your Story

Coaching & Planning

Our Coaching & Planning Services are great for

  • newer nonprofits that may not be able to afford an experienced staff member or contracted service to do the work of starting, running and funding a nonprofit but that needs guidance on what to do and how to do it.
  • an established nonprofit that is looking to grow in a new direction and needs “fresh eyes” on its organization or a facilitator to update strategic, operational, fundraising, or business plans.

Coaching and Planning Options:

  • One 1-hour or two 30-minute coaching sessions on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis.
  • Full support through the planning process that delivers written business, strategic and/or operational plans. This includes meeting facilitation, consultation with key leadership, and a written plan for Board approval.
  • Unlimited email communication

Share Your Story

Content Creation & Distribution

We collaborate with you to create well-written stories that can be shared in person, online, and in grant applications.

Our Content Creation & Distribution Services are perfect for

  • small and mid-sized nonprofits who may not have full-time marketing or public relations staff. 

Content Creation & Distribution Options:

  • Marketing Plan development that includes meeting facilitation, consultation with key leadership, and a written plan.
  • Marketing & Public Relations Services: social media management, press releases, website maintenance, donor/customer research, survey writing, and analysis.
  • Donor/customer management: email list management, appeal letters, follow up calls, letters and emails.

Support Your Story

Grant Services

Our Grant Services are ideal for 

  • nonprofits that have been active for at least two years
  • small businesses/startups and nonprofits that lack the expertise on staff to find, write and manage grants.

Grant Services Options:

  • Ongoing grant services to include research, applying for small grants, and administration of existing grants. This is at an hourly rate billed monthly for a minimum of 5 hours per month and an agreed to monthly maximum.* 
  • Preparing full grant applications to include budget development, narrative description, gathering of documents (e.g. support letters, attachments, etc.), and meeting other grant application requirements.
  • Grant readiness assessment and preparation.

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