Celebrating Nonprofit Success in 2020

Nonprofit success

Celebrating Nonprofit Success in 2020 to Help You Continue Growing Your Good Work There are many nonprofit success stories in 2020 to celebrate! As nonprofit Board members and leaders, I hope you look back on the year 2020 as not only a time of chaos and devastating losses, but also opportunity.   I have listed […]

Process and Procedures – Why You Need Them and Why They Fail

Process and procedures

There are many reasons that your organization needs process and procedures – and only one reason they fail But creating process and procedures are BOOORING! Like zero (negative?) fun for most nonprofit founders, Board members and even most Executive Directors. Providing programs and services is way more fun and hipper with this group of passionate […]

The Independent Contractor as a Growth Strategy for Nonprofits

An Independent Contractor working on a computer

How the Independent Contractor and Growth of the Gig Economy Benefits Nonprofits Independent contractor, virtual assistant, freelancer, or gig worker is how many people describe their line of work these days, more so than at any other time in history. Successful businesses like Uber and Instacart even rely on independent contractors to make their business […]

Four Steps to Tracking Impact

Tracking Impact: What and How to Measure What You Achieve In my conversations with nonprofit leaders and founders over the last week, a question kept recurring about how to do what I like to call “tracking impact.” In other words, how to measure your outcomes and impact. So, let’s get right to it! The four […]

Nonprofit Grant Writing – 3 Key Ingredients

Grant Writing 3 ingredients

Does your organization have what it takes to write successful grant applications? Successful nonprofit grant writing has three key ingredients. See if your organization has the stuff to write successful grant applications. 1. Nonprofit Grant Writing Basic Documents Before you can start grant writing, your nonprofit needs to have a few items in place. Though […]